Create an unlimited good sukriti

it’s an opportunity for the devotees to create an unlimited good sukrti, a good spiritual asset for so many people even they know or they don’t know. If they knowingly give that “Oh this is for Krishna.”, of course they will benefit even more by their conscious gift, even if unknowingly they give still they benefit. As long as we see very carefully that everything goes to Krishna. In fact if a person knowingly gives but the devotee doesn’t give, then that person even gets the benefit, you see. That Prabhupada also said but then that devotee will get an offense but if they unknowingly give… of course then that depends on the devotee what he uses it for. Then accordingly they get a, the reciprocation.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1982 Dec, 17 SB @ New Orleans, USA.