consider ourselves to be aspiring devotees but not pure Devotees

we don’t really consider ourselves to be devotees in the purest sense. Out of humility we always consider ourselves to be aspiring devotees. To be a real devotee, that means to have Krishna-prema, meant to be a completely a pure devotee, that is such an exalted position. There is nothing to do with this material world. Therefore, this material lust, material desire do not affect. Even someone who is on the stage of bhava, which is considered to be preliminary liberation. Already maybe liberated due to karmas, but sill 1% uh, tinge is there. We find from the prayers of Yamunacarya. He prays that “Whenever I think about, sex life, my face becomes bitter and I spit.”

Prabhupada… there’s two points, one is the spontaneous, detachment, otherwise…other is that even though he was such an exalted acarya, on the level of bhava, still the thought came and he admitted it came in his mind. Now that thought, whenever they come in the mind, it might come, Krishna Prema, means that the connection with the material mind and body is cut, just indirect link is there. Just… basically at that time, That time… of course there is no danger at all of the senses, but even at the stage of bhava, where one is not attracted to all the sense gratification, one is completely attracted to Krishna just because till the material… there is a mind which has the connection with the body. Sometimes when they come up with some off the wall proposal, which is immediately disgusting… just… even the thought is rejected. So su…such devotees, who don’t awe with the material desires, so since the thought is there one has to be careful.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

25th Sep, 1983 SB class @ New York, USA