The festivals are the natural way to perfection…

Nanda Maharaja is very wealthy, if he wanted to do for some big… he would have spent a lot on the spiritual purification of Krishna, he would have had a big festival, in fact just after Krishna’s birth, this famous festival is called Nanda Mahostava where he distributed so many cows and charity to brahmanas and to would give feasts for all the people, had a big festival of chanting the holy names and brahmana’s chanting mantras, and just celebrating the birth of Krishna, the appearance of Krishna.

So that’s the day after Krsihna’s appearance which is called Janmastami, Nanda Mahotsava, that is the day that Srila Prabhupada appeared in this world, so we also observe Nanda Mahotsava as the Vyasa Puja, in Mayapur they offered over a thousand preparations for Lord Krishna and Prabhupada’s feast, recently.

So … the festival is there, still comfortable living is there but simply the… that’s not the goal, it’s not that one has to be uncomfortable or one has to starve, or has to beat oneself, and, try to hate mate… but the whole thing is naturally, if we… if we have festivals, if we have our consciousness drawn to Krishna, that is what’s purifying, that is,what leads us in a very natural way to perfection, not that just by some type of gross abstinence, but by a sensible regulation, by a sensible regulation of the material senses, and by very positive engagement in spiritual, spiritual activities, and with such nice activities.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 31st May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA

The dasa-karmas – ten purificatory processes.

Nanda and Yasoda are not aware that Krishna is the son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Natually, they think that Krishna is their own child, and they were very concerned that all the Vedic rites… in the Vedas, they’re called dasa-karmas, or ten purificatory processes for a spiritually advanced human being. Beginnging with the garbhadhana samskara, then there’s the pumsavana ceremony during pregnancy, then here Vasudeva… excuse me, Nanda Maharaja wants to have nama-karana, or the name-giving, which is something like baptism in the Christian uh, faith, where one is given a name, officially by a priest with uh, various ceremonies.

Similarly, there’s cutting the first hair, is a ceremony. Taking the first grains, which are offered to Krishna. Like that, giving of a Brahmana initiation, or the uh, upanayana. There’s so many different ceremonies which are performed for purifying the child, before birth and even up till after leaving this body, after death. So, Nanda Maharaja, he was very concerned that when he had a son, He should be uh… when he had a child, that all these ceremonies should be performed.

But that too, he’s… There’s all these dangers. Indirectly, Gargamuni is revealing that Krishna’s actually the son of Devaki and Vasudeva. But, of course, Nanda Maharaja, he doesn’t pick that up. He just sees that, “Yes. This is a dangerous coincidence.” and Kamsa may go after Krishna, so one thing is to see that how the uh, in Vedic culture that every sect, the various uh, ceremonies are especially meant for encouraging one in one’s spiritual advancement. Garga muni is a twice born, excuse me, and Nanda Maharaja is a vaisya, the second born brahmana, ksatriya and vaisya, they would always undergo all of these uh, performing of purificatory ceremonies. Just as today parents want to send their children to college, they think that this is like a purificatory process. You go to a college, you are a twice born or something. You are… become civilized. Of course, the colleges produced have produced… in other parts of the world specially, the colleges are best places for producing political activists, terrorists or destroying peoples morals, and for so many other things. Of course, to some extent you can get some aspects of material education also but especially destroying for the character. Well, the Vedic, college course begins before birth, but basically if one is uh, going to be a twice born or one is going to be a developed human being then the parents will take very special care that every stage of life the child gets the benefit of the spiritual association and spiritual, ceremonies. More than the ceremony it’s actual spiritual purification.
This is another proof that from birth nobody is pure, from birth everyone is in an impure or in a undeveloped non spiritual state, born just like an animal is born. They are born simply with the animalistic characteristic, but it is due to the spiritual culture, due to spiritual purification, that the higher, traits, the higher development of an individual uh, for spiritual realization is encouraged.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 30 th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA

A Brahmana is not trying to get anything; he’s trying to serve

The next stage from Brahmana is Vaisnava. So what our temples are are factories for producing and training Brahmanas. What is a Brahmana? Brahmana means that he is thinking – especially a vaisnava – if someone is para duhkha duhkhi, he is considering how to help this mislead society, how to help the people who are suffering in illusion to regain their natural position as devotees of Krishna. Even other people, they may remain in their position as laborers, but the Brahmanas, they’re there to train them up how to lead their life. Just like Gargamuni, he’s going to tell Nanda Maharaja so many things.

Of course Nanda Maharaj is already trained up. But today people are completely in illusion. So that’s why we have a high standard which we have to maintain in our temples. We’re Brahmanas. Prabhupada said, “I’ve done half the work. The next half is varnasrama.” That means to train up the resident society to act in their particular occupational duties in devotional service. Contributing service to Krishna according to their capabilities, and of course we have to go on recruiting more people to be Brahmanas.

Sometimes we hear someone say “I worked for the Krishna Consciousness movement for seven years, what have I got?” that person is not a Brahmana at all. A Brahmana is not trying to get anything; he’s trying to serve. That is why a Brahmana can take a donation and it doesn’t have any karma. Because a Brahmana won’t keep it for himself, immediately he gives it to Krishna and uses it for uplifting others. Uses it to build a temple for people’s spiritual use or purchasing books, to purchase books, to give books to people who are interested in reading the books, for other type of work. For distributing prasadam, for building a Krishna Conscious farm, to protect the cows and to provide shelter for people to come who are not able to live in the city, or not ideally suited for living in a city, but who can practice God Consciousness in that type of a natural situation. So that is what we want.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 28th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA

Gurukula system – the dynamic spiritual education.

In the time of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, we found that just like Dhurva Maharaja, he was so blessed because his parents, his mother directed him to become a seeker after Krishna. Like that Jiva Goswami’s parents were devotees. So when he saw Lord Caitanya he went over and sucked his toe, even he couldn’t walk.

When Srinivas Acharya’s parents were raising him, they would always put him on the lap and telling him stories about Krishna and laughing and, like this all of those great vaisnavas, usually their parents were also quite devoted, and then they would make various arrangements so that those great devotees in their childhood, they had an opportunity to serve Krishna. Just like Srila Prabhuapda, he was able to do Deity worship even when he was a small child, to play ratha yatra. This way that culture is never forgotten. So we should also give our children that opportunity to become Krishna conscious. That is a special benediction for us as well as for them.

Nowadays, even the parents want to make their children religious or God conscious, but because the schools and colleges are so materialistic that the children, they become envious and they get all kind of bad qualities. I was reading… there was one feature on Sunday , few Sundays back, how in America the children are murdering their parents. And it gave a… dozens and dozens of examples. One police man, he interviewed the son that why he shot his father in cold blood. And he said that “There is no difference between this… “this, “There is nothing except the grace of God, between this boy and my own son.” Father would not give him, you know, an extra five dollars to go to the movie. This that and the other thing, few things happened, he became angry, pulled out a gun and * pow, pow *- dead father. Like that.

Divorced homes, no family life, parents have no time for the kids. They have to work double shifts to get more money. So they leave the kids wander about. So naturally they do not develop much faith for the family. Now, Womens’ Lib, every woman has to work to show that she can develop to her full potential. Meanwhile the children do not get a chance to develop to their full potential. Because in the early life they are not getting any attention from the parents or any love. And then when they are thrown in school then their whole environment is completely uh, undisciplined and uh, demoniac.

See, If you can kill your parent what to speak about killing your teacher? They’re falling like the flies. So they don’t even want to get involved, if they try to discipline the teacher.. the the students in the class, it may be their last. Even in India now, when they have their final exams, they have to bring in the army to stand with machine guns over the students so that they don’t cheat.

What can they do, they bring in, they write it all here, you know * swipes * here, passing back notes, back and forth. That’s why even in India now the education is no value. You can get a degree… you know everybody has a degree, there is no value. Because everybody cheats. Because with the communism then they want all students to do the politics so that the politician won’t make any strong effort to ensure that the exams are done properly because students would be upset. So everybody is just cheating.

So whatever it may be , that whole environment is completely… becomes demoniac. Therefore Prabhupada established Gurukula system, dynamic spiritual education. Gurukulam-brahmacarya guru hitam. To teach uh, boys uh, brahmacharya life, to teach uh, spiritual association. Even in devotees’ family you see, how the children, before they go to gurukula, the parents have a real struggle to just to get them bow down and do a few things. Once they go to Gurukula, then they see their Pitaji, immediately they hit the deck.

When they go home for vacation after one week, they back to playing around and goofing off again. Because we learn more from our peers nowadays. When they see all the other little boys and girls are all paying obeisances, and chanting then they also come, encouraged to do that. Whatever example they are shown, so especially when everybody is doing the same thing, the teachers are giving a good example, and the teachers are caring about the students, it’s a very good environment.

Actually Prabhupada wanted that in the gurukula even the regular Indians, and the devotees, and the p… society would also send their children. Require… what they called it? Environment that actually encourages the Krishna Consciousness. Without that type of a Krishna conscious environment is that much more difficult to be Krishna conscious. So that means that environment has to be created , it doesn’t just happen. But it happens by the devotees being very careful.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

06th April, 1983 SB class @ Toronto, Canada

Grihasthas 50%

Question: In Srimad Bhagavatam I found that grihastas should give 50% to temple. Srila Prabhupada mentioned about rich people. So, how serious is that? Because in our personal life, prabhu is working, but also not full time. And he is giving to our temple and also he gave TOVP. But if we give 50% then we will be unable to take care of our kids according to how we want. They are home schooling kids. American government has no facility for home school. We buy curriculum and test paper. I am doing this because I want to finish with them Srimad Bhagavatam and Caitanya Caritamrita, before they step into the outside world. We are giving to the temple according to our capacity – not 50%. With that can we go back to Godhead?

Guru maharaj: You see, what you spend on prasadam and house rent, it counts in the 50%. Anything you do to worship Krsna counts. So if you are offering your food, that counts in your 50% above the basic expenses toward maintaining your house, etc, after that, what is the profit?

That is considered.HH JAYAPATAKA SWAMI23rd February 2020Sri Dham Mayapur, India

What should Grihasthas do?

Question: Is the option better for grihastas working outside earning enough money to support the temple, or depending on the temple for maintenance, by serving the mission but would not be able to contribute much. We can see that devotees who have dedicated their lives is not valued and sometimes neglected. Rather, devotees who have contributed money for the mission are more likely to be of more importance.

Guru maharaj: We see from the pastime today of Suklambara Brahmacari and Lord Caitanya, maybe a donor is gratified. But Lord Caitanya accepted the gift of Suklambara Brahmacari, even he didn’t offer it, it was taken by force! Because Suklambara was a pure devotee. So we shouldn’t be, is that your motive, are you doing service to be gratified? Or you want to encourage people who give donation, oh, all glories, all glories, we chant. That doesn’t mean that we think that their service is better than the devotee who is day and night chanting 16 rounds and doing dedicated service. If you want to be glorified, Lord Caitanya in the third verse of the Siksatstakam said, we should offer respect to others and not expect respect for ourselves. But if you want respect, all glories to the devotees! Haribol! Ha! I hope you are satisfied! Ha!HH JAYAPATAKA SWAMI23rd February 2020Sri Dham Mayapur, India


“It’s not enough that we’re born in a Hindu family, or that we even accept guru or initiation, or born in a family of a devotee. We have to actually understand the science.”

His Holiness Srila Jayapataka Swami Gurumaharaj
22nd January, 1995
Bangalore, India

Performing Krishna Duty

“We know that grihastas have so many things to do. They have their work duties, spouse duties, children duties, in-laws duties, also the political party duties… duty after duty. Well, we are so grateful to them if they do their Krishna duty, and they chant Hare Krishna, and they also try to distribute the books and distribute the message of Lord Caitanya.”

His Holiness Srila Jayapataka Swami Gurumaharaj
6th April, 2014
Tirupati, India

A good effect

“We need some brahminical minded grihasthas also to do some seva to help the society to be more spiritualized. You may do like a full time activities or you may work outside, maintain your family, but do Bhakti Vriksha, do some house programs. That has also a good effect – people see that like me he is married, he is working but he is peaceful and happy. He is chanting the Holy Names of Krishna, so why don’t we also chant, husband and wife together.”

His Holiness Srila Jayapataka Swami Gurumaharaj
20th August, 2008 
Hyderabad, India

how to keep our mind steady in Krishna consciousness when we are having family problems?

The material world is such that even without you wanting it there will be some kind of problems. Maybe family, maybe health, maybe in laws, maybe other living entities, natural problems, tsunamis, earthquakes, storms. So we don’t want to stay eternally in this material world. We want to take shelter of Krishna. So it is not that we can solve all the problems but we should learn how to manage the problems, and not get upset, if there are some problems. Because that is the nature of the material world, that there are problems. So if we are fixed in serving Krishna, then He promises to give us intelligence, how to serve Him. So we can take the proper guidance to get over our family problems or to manage them. Prabhupad, he told that sanyasis should not deal with family problems. In fact, even though he was a grihastha earlier, he would send his disciples to talk to some senior grihastha god brothers. In Mayapur we have some grihasthas that have a good track record for grihastha counselling, so if you need I can refer you.

17th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India

Husband and wife should cooperatively serve Krishna

One has the license when one is married, but one has to be careful that whatever natural affection or attachment may grow, instead of being dovetailed properly to bring each other to the service of Krishna, to serve the spiritual master cooperatively; but by material association because Maya is so strong, one will become simply engrossed in sensual attachment, in sense gratification and lose sight of the duty to the spiritual master. Then of course one becomes critical of other Vaisnavas.

Tuesday, June 16, 1981