Where a pure devotee goes that is the place of pilgrimage.

Actually ISKCON could not fulfil Srila Prabhupada’s desire, more specifically myself. He told me that he wanted to come, bathe in the Ganges every day, if there will only be a direct road to the Ganges, right in front of our temple. But we tried various ways to get the road, but even till today we were not able to do that. Still the devotees have to walk across the fields and so on. Although Prabhupada did go and visit the Ganges, on a couple of occasions by walking through the fields with the devotees he took bath. You know that according to the prayers of Vidura wherever a pure devotee goes that is the place of pilgrimage, even the Ganges is purified.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 5th,November, SB Class @ USA

Bathing in Ganga

Question: It is said that when he first arrived in Mayapur, understanding that he was in the holy land, he offered his obeisances and then dipped his head into the cool Ganges mud to get the blessings. Please kindly confirm that you dipped your head into the cool Ganges mud instead of the Ganges water?

Guru maharaj: When I came to Mayapur the first time, I came from Swarupganj by the ferry from …. to Hulaghat. At that time there was no, where the ferry is today it was not there.  I crossed over I bowed my head down in the mud.  It was not actually the Ganges, Jalangi, Ganges!  I saw the mud and I saw the ground, I just thought this is the holy land of Lord Caitanya, and I immediately offered my obeisances!

23 March 2020 | Mayapur

Bathing in Ganges on the Gaura Purnima day will bestow one the ‘Krishna Prema’

Lord Caitanya appeared on Phalguna Purnima night when everyone was chanting. At that time He didn’t need the full moon. So therefore it was eclipsed. He was more beautiful than millions of moons. He used His personal beauty and His knowledge, renunciation as His potencies in this pastime & whoever is in Mayapur during Gaura Poornima they will special blessings & Those who bath in Ganges on Gaura Purnima day bath, they will get Krsna prema.

Sunday, March 16, 2014