can they attain complete liberation without being married?

Without being married, there’s no such stipulation that liberation is dependant upon getting married, but it has been recommended very strongly that, women should be married, but as far as… what if a girl dies when she is twelve, or something? It’s not… It’s not a lien on her soul that you have to get married to go back to Godhead. It’s a question of what consciousness you’re in when you leave your body. If you’re in Krishna consciousness, you’ll go back to Godhead.

In a general sadhana practice of devotional service, it’s conducive for women to be married and have a Krishna conscious husband. If the husband’s not Krishna conscious, then there’s a problem there. But actually the husband should be Krishna conscious and the wife should be Krishna conscious. In this way, we give each other association. To elaborate, we’re a little bit short on the time right now, but it’s not contingent on going back to Godhead, per se. That is not contingent on any material thing.

It’s contingent on chanting Hare Krishna, serving the spiritual master, following his instructions.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 20th, December, SB Class, Orleans @ USA