Can the devotees preach in outer space?

Some people are there, we’ve heard. Some of the devotees are there. I heard someone said some devotee was spaced out. Let’s do first things first. We’re worrying about outer space. We haven’t even got the inner space yet. If a person really wants to… if preaching in a civilized society is too difficult, well then there’s also… there’s a lot of tribal people in the world. That’s where the Christians go. In India, different places.

The Pope just visited New Guinea, and made a big inroads preaching to the aborigines and headhunters there, made them all Christians there, carried a big cross. It was a big thing. It’s fairly easy to preach to those people. Of course, maybe Christianity’s easier because they just get them to stop eating human flesh, but they can eat everything else. But you want to get ‘em to be vegetarian… but I mean there’s other, not so far gone tribals, and they’re very simple people. You can preach to them. Many people think that they’re in outer space.

In the future, we’ll go to other planets, no doubt. I don’t know about the space in between them. there are of course, different levels in between where Yaksas and others live. So, we can go and preach there also. But normally to do that, you have to have a body which is suitable for those environments. Since right now, Krishna’s given us a body which is suitable for this environment, and this body only lasts 60, 70, 80 years anyway, so we should take the… make the best use of this bargain, and preach here, and then subsequently, in our next birth, we’ll have opportunity, if we have a keen desire to preach in other places, we could take birth there and preach there.

Some liberated souls, they return back to Krishna, and then preach again, other places.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 28th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA