Burden of love means it’s no burden at all.

If we start to take, if we start to see things in a different way when doing our service, it becomes a burden. Then we think that taking care of These deities is a burden.l Taking the spiritual responsibility is a burden. Then that means they were finished. Burden of love means it’s no burden at all. The mother carrying the baby she loves, she doesn’t consider it to be a burden. Everyone else, they can’t figure out what is the mother lurking around that bundle of whatever. But for the mother she loves her child. So for her it’s no problem. She likes it. At least in the civilized society. So like that the Krishna conscious movement, we have to purify our consciousness so we see the things as labour of love and when we see then there is no difficulty is taking so much responsibility. Prabhupada took the responsibility to deliver the entire world.

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1986,26th August, SB class @ Detroit, USA