Bhagavatham – The ultimate benefit

In the whole Vedic culture, that the… the scriptures always tell what is the ultimate benefit, but then because people don’t generally relate with that, they give all the side-benefits. That, if you read the Bhagavatam, in your future birth, you can get thousands of cows, you can become a great king, or you can attempt to go to the heavenly planets, you can get this thing or that. So, as the people became more and more materialistic, and… nowadays, they don’t… they don’t… not even thinking what’s the ultimate objective. They’re just thinking you read the Bhagavatam so you get a good wife, or get a good husband, or so you can get long life, or you can have… they’re just… because, they’re just seeing that… those things are not the main thing. Those are side-benefits.

In fact, those are not even mentioned in the Bhagavatam. They’re mentioned generally in the other lower-level scriptures. Although some reference is sometimes given in the Bhagavatam, but they’re not stressed to that extent because the Bhagavatam is uh, directly trying to take one to the ultimate objective. But, there are countless side-benefits which on automatically gets.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

Nov 15, 1982 SB @ Nepal.