Best Method to get rid of False Ego

Question: I was just wondering, what is the best method to get rid of false ego? And how do you distinguish between what is our real ego and false ego? Could you tell?

Guru Maharaj: False ego has us identify, I am the body. This is me. I am skinny or fat, I am white or black, sometimes someone says your nose is too big. Oh no, I have been offended. Oh nooooo… You have a pimple on your nose. Oh no… I curse you! So we should not have these false identifications with the body, not I body. So the body sometimes is young, sometimes get old, and then it dies. We then take a new life. So false ego means, we think we are the body. In real ego we understand our eternal relationship is with Krishna. jivera swarup hoi nitya Krishner das.

17th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India