Be humble when you are preaching

Brahmadeva, he was meditating in Antardvipa, because he heard that Lord Caitanya forgives one of all offenses, He is very merciful. He was going to come in the next age in Kali-yuga, it was Dvapara-yuga then, so he was meditating there on Lord Gauranga, and in his meditation, finally before him Lord Caitanya appeared with His associates, dancing, and Lord Brahma He became completely overwhelmed with transcendental ecstasy, he fell down at the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya, paid his obeisances with his foreheads, you see. Then he prayed to Lord Caitanya that, “You are going to appear here, You are going to manifest Your pastimes before the whole world in the coming age of Kali, you see. I am praying for Your benediction, that I am a great offender.” Because… Brahma was lamenting that “How I became so powerful demigod. I was able to directly create this world on behalf of the Lord, and then I am so offensive, I get so puffed up over my paltry position that I have… you know, so foolish, I was offending Krishna, stealing His cows. How I am going to get over these offenses? When will I get real devotional service?” You see, he is lamenting in tha… so, when he finally he had the darsana of Lord Caitanya, he was praying that “I am so proud, I am so offensive, that I want You to somehow or another, You are the most merciful, You somehow purify me so that I can become rid of all thes false ego and then I can stop committing any offenses in devotional service. You please benedict me that I can get, you see, the transcendental opportunity to associate with You.”

So then, Lord Caitanya, He agreed. He said, “Tathastah- so be it. You will appear in the family of the Yavanas, of Mohameddans, you see, the meat eating people in India, and because of that you will be forced to be very humble.” You see, this is also advised that when a Western preachers go to India, they should be humble. That they are coming from a different habits, you see. They should be humble when they are preaching, that touches the people’s heart rather than coming in as if you’re on the top of the horse or something. You should be humble. There are also Brahmana’s in India, not that only Westerner’s can be Brahmanas. We should be humble when are preaching. Taking it that we were delivering from a very despicable situation, and given this great opportunity.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,