Balaram – The source of all spiritual strength..

Lord Balarama has got extrodinary bodily strength… He has all transce… not only bodily strength… of course he’s saying this for Nanda Maharaja, but actually Lord Balarama, He’s the first expansion of Krishna. There’s no difference between Krishna and Balarama. Basically, they have everything exactly the same, potential the same, pastimes except Krishna is original. He is the original, and Balarama is His first expansion. Krishna is black. Balarama is whitish. Transcendentally white. So, that Krishna and Balarama, they are glorified by… by Jayadeva as together. They appeared at the same time. The original personality and His original expansion. Narayana expansions, the Maha-Visnus expansions, these are all coming from Lord Balarama. So, Balarama, He is the source of all spiritual strength. He is the… by His in His form of Sankarsana, in His form, He is maintaining all of the material and spiritual universes. They’re all being held up by a fraction of the strength of Lord Balarama.

So, also we can get spiritual strength for serving Lord Krishna from Lord Balarama.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 6th June, SB Class, New Vrindavan @ USA