Art of attracting the mercy of Caitanya and Nityananda

We should try sincerely to act in a way that is pleasing to Lord Caitanya but we can present our case as being actually the most needy. We should feel like that, that we need His mercy more than else. Everyone else is so advanced, they are so expert, they are so enthusiastic, they are so fixed in their spiritual master’s service. They are in every respect so qualified. Therefore they don’t need the mercy as much as I do. I need the mercy more because I am in a inferior position. This is the art our previous acaryas have shown of attracting the mercy of Lord Caitanya Nityananda. In this way one can also avoid becoming envious of others. You can think “Others are so nice. Let me get the mercy because I need it more.”

22nd April 1984
Atlanta, Georgia, USA