An opportunity to get the blessing

In our major temples in vrindavan and Mayapur, in Bombay we don’t purchase any store bought fruits. Store bought sweets. In the smaller temples sometimes they purchase. Of course purchasing is uh… that has got some other implication. Purchasing is sometime allowed, but that would be considered to be not uh, as perfect as if we could make the things ourselves, because, they are not having any pure standard.

We don’t know what type of… actually technically speaking store bought things which are made outside by non-devotees, they are not… even in the West, we don’t also offer fruit juice. We make the juice ourselves, because whether that people are washing their hands after they are going in bathroom or something like that, or what they’re doing, you don’t know what standard they have. There are many rules, If you go to the bathroom, you have to take an entire shower. The same cloth you shouldn’t use, if you are going to cook for the Deity. If people are negligent of this, they will get worse than sinful reactions. They will get offensive reaction of Krishna. Their devotion will be stuck up, and for preaching sometime… we may that for preaching sometimes, we have to just do these things, and there is no alternative, but normally one should be very careful. It’s an opportunity to get the blessing; it’s an opportunity at the same time if you are not careful to also get punished. So we should be very careful when we do these things to do it properly.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 20th July, SB class @ Chennai, India.