Aarati – vehicle for service

when you meet… people meet at the airport, right? We were landed in the Nashville, it was Christmas Eve. So many people are coming in and they are laughing and hugging each other and , “Oh!” They were so happy to see their relatives and everyone, you know, then some people it was just like you know, a handshake, and other people, they were just you know laughing and hugging and everything, then after that it was all, you know… after a few seconds it died down. Some people, they went on and on, and it was going on in the hallways.
They were going to get their baggage, but usually, by the time everyone got down to the baggage collection there was already kind of work you know… petered out, but you know for five minutes, some… two seconds and you know, ten minutes, you know they kept a lot of you know, enthusiasm, then gradually you know, that type of… So here, you know, we can keep that enthusiasm for 45 minutes with the Lord doing arati, because there are so many things that… Krishna has given us, a procedure where we can go on expressing our joy to be able to greet the Lord and to receive Him and meditate on His transcendental form, that… lotus feet, it’s a vehicle for our receiving for meditation, for serving. So, that’s the principle, meditate, chant Hare Krishna, and receiving the Lord

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,