A mad elephant offense

Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He advised us that the offense against the Vaisnava, or Vaisnava-aparadha is the most dangerous thing. Vaisnava-aparadha mata hati upade va chinde… yaya, or… sukhi yaya pata… upade va chinde, lota sukhi’ yaya pata

That, this offensing or giving an offense to a pure Vaisnava is a mad elephant offense. If one commits a mad elephant offense, then that mad elephant goes into the garden of one’s devotional life and pulls out the devotional creeper, right from the root.

When you pull a plant out by the root, it may stay green for a few days, but in no time at all, leaves will dry and fall off. So, sukhi yaya pata means that once this Vaisnava-aparadha has been created, even though for a short time, they may be existing apparently in some spiritual life, very soon all of their spiritual assets will be dried up, and they’ll be completely spiritually bankrupt, you see. So, one should avoid very particularly this offense against a Vaisnava, the pure devotee of the Lord.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

25 Nov, 1982 SB @ Sri Mayapur Dham.