A clandestine role.

when Lord Chaitanya appears also, the place that he appears is something very special. It’s not an ordinary place. That place is part of the spiritual world, it’s underneath the uh, protection of the internal energy. Just like when the Governor is coming, at that time he is not leaving his security up to us. He has got his own policeman, the government… even if he doesn’t care, the government doesn’t leave it up to us. They bring their people. They don’t want anything to happen, while he is there in their state. So the, spiritual energy, the place where Lord Caitanya is, although there is not a question of any danger, but nonetheless, the spiritual energy expands in that particular area just to accommodate the Lord’s pastimes. That, that area is permanently part of the internal energies uh, activities or jurisdiction. Just like the government have got their embassies all over the world and those embassies uh, fly the flag of that country under international law. For the holy dhama, the abodes of the Lord, in any part of the universe, wherever He appears, they are in their own ways, flying the flag of the internal energy. They are not under the domain of the material energy, you see.

Superficially it may appear that way on the crux of things uh, the material energy is maintaining. It’s like the road in front of the embassy might be maintained by the uh, municipality or they might be giving water, but technically, legally speaking, the actual embassy is underneath the jurisdiction of that specific government. So since the material energy is the expansion of the spiritual energy, there is not any conflict there, but superficially things on the dhama appear to be going on as usual in the material world, but actually the area of the holy dhama is under the spiritual potency’s jurisdiction and ultimately She reigns supreme there. And for those who have the eyes to see the spiritual vision, they can see the activities of the spiritual nature at work, they can see the pastimes of the Lord. So this is very important for us here in Hawaii, because we are living in New Navadvipa, which is uh, named after the original Navadvipa. So the Navadvipa, we should understand, what is the nature of the holy dham. Actually Navadvipa is considered to be gupta Vrindavana, or the hidden Vrindavana, it is the most uh, guarded secret in the Vedic literature, because Lord Caitanya was appearing in a disguise, He was coming in a, you can say a clandestine role. He was coming as a devotee. He wasn’t coming as a proclaimed way as the Supreme Lord. This is predicted in practically every Vedic literature, that in the Kali yuga, there’s a dozen places it predicts, the Supreme Lord comes as the devotee, not as a supreme lord. He comes in this Kali yuga after Krishna, in this uh, specific uh, covered role, where He covers His glory as a supreme personality of Godhead, and comes in the role as a devotee. Now if presently anyone was going to… any, you know… I don’t know who’d do it nowadays, but say, in the previous time the Kings, they do make spot checks amongst the citizens. You find in the Krishna book, that Krishna sometimes would dress Himself up as an ordinary citizen, and go out amongst His people to hear what they are speaking about the government, about the things, and really find out where things are at, you see. Of course now you have the newspapers doing it for you, but uh, in those times they wouldn’t, actually very intelligent not to have these kind of newspapers, so they would just have to know what the people were talking about, but if uh, in the corner they have the people with their bugles proclaiming (imitates trumpeting sound) that, “Here the King is coming in secret incognito at 5’ o clock today.” then everyone would be standing look… waiting. That would be completely ridiculous. So obviously, they don’t

So here, the Supreme Personality of Godhead… it’s given in the Vedas, that He’s coming in the Kali Yuga, so how is it that… how would it be a secret, everyone’s going to know, “Oh, here is the predicted Supreme Personality of Godhead avatara.” it would lose, its complete significance, if everybody knew that He was coming, He wouldn’t be able to act as a devotee, everyone would be calling Him out as the Supreme Lord.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1983, 31st, October SB Class @ Honolulu, Hawaii