A Brahmana is not trying to get anything; he’s trying to serve

The next stage from Brahmana is Vaisnava. So what our temples are are factories for producing and training Brahmanas. What is a Brahmana? Brahmana means that he is thinking – especially a vaisnava – if someone is para duhkha duhkhi, he is considering how to help this mislead society, how to help the people who are suffering in illusion to regain their natural position as devotees of Krishna. Even other people, they may remain in their position as laborers, but the Brahmanas, they’re there to train them up how to lead their life. Just like Gargamuni, he’s going to tell Nanda Maharaja so many things.

Of course Nanda Maharaj is already trained up. But today people are completely in illusion. So that’s why we have a high standard which we have to maintain in our temples. We’re Brahmanas. Prabhupada said, “I’ve done half the work. The next half is varnasrama.” That means to train up the resident society to act in their particular occupational duties in devotional service. Contributing service to Krishna according to their capabilities, and of course we have to go on recruiting more people to be Brahmanas.

Sometimes we hear someone say “I worked for the Krishna Consciousness movement for seven years, what have I got?” that person is not a Brahmana at all. A Brahmana is not trying to get anything; he’s trying to serve. That is why a Brahmana can take a donation and it doesn’t have any karma. Because a Brahmana won’t keep it for himself, immediately he gives it to Krishna and uses it for uplifting others. Uses it to build a temple for people’s spiritual use or purchasing books, to purchase books, to give books to people who are interested in reading the books, for other type of work. For distributing prasadam, for building a Krishna Conscious farm, to protect the cows and to provide shelter for people to come who are not able to live in the city, or not ideally suited for living in a city, but who can practice God Consciousness in that type of a natural situation. So that is what we want.

H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

1984, 28th May, SB Class, New Orleans @ USA