Brahma appeared as Hari dasa Thakura

Lord Caitanya told Brahma that, “You appear in the family of a Mohammedan, but you will constantly chanting the holy name. You will be chanting the holy 300,000 times a day. So by this you will become purified. The chanting of Hare Krishna will purify you so much that for the rest…” Brahmas only half life is gone, little less than half. One paradha is finished you see. Half life is gone, another half he’s got left. So He said, “By this, the rest half of your life…” which is millions and billions of years. You can’t begin to calculate how long it is. “You will be completely…just by this one chanting…” for you know, a few… forty years, fifty years of his manifested pastime. “By this chanting you will become completely purified for the rest of your existence, in this life, and then you will be able to return back to the spiritual world.” So, and then Lord Caitanya said, “And your name will be Haridasa.” then Lord Caitanya disappeared… no then He told him, “so you prepare yourself”. then disappeared.

So, Lord Brahma, he went back to his uh, Satyaloka, his planet, the planet of Satya, and then, of course he came down and he appeared as Haridasa Thakura, and assisted Lord Caitanya in His transcendental pastimes. So, this opportunity to be in the pastime of Lord Caitanya was received even by great great demigods like Lord Brahma and others. It’s something very special, so we should also take it like that there is a special opportunity.

H.H Jayapataka Swami Maharaj

26th Dec, 1982 SB class @ Atlanta,